Monday, April 07, 2008

Ok confusing...

I have not heard anything back from the school that I interviewed with two weeks ago, or at least not since Thursday when she said to get all of my certificate stuff in order. So I do not know what is going on with that.

This morning had a call to go sub at the one school close by here this afternoon.

Then I had a call about a long term sub position, which I would have jumped at, but I am waiting to hear about the other position, so I asked if I could call her back tomorrow.

Then I sent an email to the principal at the other school, letting her know that my certification paperwork went out in the mail this weekend. Hoping that she would call me.

No such luck, so I will call her tomorrow.

Then this afternoon I had a phone call from the principal that I interviewed with before Valentines day, that came and observed me, and then chose to keep the long term sub in the class.

Turns out that she is going to need a long term sub for the rest of the year, starting the end of April.

Then she said that if it works out that she thinks she will have a position open for the fall, and this long term subbing would get me acquainted with the school, and what not.

So I am not sure what to think, or to do.
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