Saturday, April 12, 2008

Just keep walking, just keep walking...

What a long day it was today.

After working until almost 11 last night, I so did not want to get up and go to work at 10 this morning. But I did, it was just long.

Its really really frustrating though there a LOT of the time.

There is one certain cashier, who I think has been at the store since it opened, or if not, then long enough. This girl has done things like not come back from lunch at all, no called no showed for work, and today was 30 minutes late coming back from lunch.

Does she ever get written up?

No, because she is best buddies with the "new" department manager (who was a head cashier), and the "new" team leader/head cashier. So neither of them will do anything about it.

It just ticks me off, because remember Easter? When I was sick with a migraine, and had to go to the med stop when all I wanted to do was sleep? Yeah, that never happens to her.

It really really sucks.

Then I caught a scam artist in the act while I was at the returns desk.

This couple came in and wanted to return a $150 fan. When I asked if there was problem with it, she said no, it just wasn't the right plug (or some such electrical crap). I could tell it had been opened so I checked to make sure everything was there. Then she handed me the receipt, the fan had been paid with her Lowes card. Which by Lowes policy the return had to go back on her card. I automatically did this, because I had never been told that it was even an option to give them a merchandise credit for it.

The woman got MAD about it all, so I stopped J our one MOD and asked him about it. He went and got clarification on it, said that yes I could do it, but I would have to recharge her Lowes card, then give her the credit.

The woman then said she did not have her card with her.

So I went to a different register and started to look up her number.

Here is where everything started sounding really fishy.

I asked what phone number the account was on, and she had to look it up on her cell phone. Which in itself was not too strange, but yet it was.

Then I asked to see her ID, and she said she did not have ANYTHING with her name and picture on it with her.

By this point she, and the man with her were both getting very antsy. Asking what the hold up was, why couldn't I just hurry the flip up and do it. I explained that I could not print the account number without a photo id. Then I called A (the head cashier) over and told her that I thought that it was all a bunch of fraud, and explained what was going on.

A called G (the Loss prevention), who in turn got S (the ops manager) to come out and help me with it all.

S went through the whole rigamarole's with the couple. From the fact that earlier in the week the one gal did the return the way they wanted her to, to the fact that they did not have the Lowes card with them, they did not have id, they were "closing" the Lowes account and that was why they wanted a merchandise credit.

They then tried just taking the fan back with them. Even though "they" had been given credit for it. Just not the credit that they wanted. S did not let that happen, because she was not about to charge an account for which she had no proof belonged to them.

If they are really closing the account, and all of this is on the up and up, then they will get a rebate check in the mail from Lowes.

But I still think they were trying to pull a fast one.

Bonus I caught it!

To bad I don't think I will get anything other than good catch, pat on the back.

Today at lunch I walked around the edges of the parking lot for 25 minutes. I figured that, plus all of the running around I did while at work counted as a good exercise. :) I have decided that if I am going to get into this exercise thing, that I have to find and take the moments as they come, with lunch time being a good one. I need to remember to take my pedometer to work tomorrow so I can figure out how far it is around the building. I started at the far end of the parking lot, and walked all the way around the back of the building, then out the loading dock road and back around.

When I got home, Jerry was sick. Throwing up all sorts of yucky stuff. He was pale, and looking really bad.

Needless to say I told him that he needed to go to the med stop and get seen. I probably should have taken him, but he told me to stay home with the kids.

So we will see what happens.
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