Thursday, April 10, 2008

Two "contests" and more interviews

Ok first things first...

Remember that over at 5 minutes for mom They are doing two weeks of toys give aways. Go over and enter today for a chance to win a Lego City. :)

Then the Murray crew is sponsoring an I got Dumped contest.
Here are the rules:

Here's the Rules for the "I Got Dumped" Contest:

1. Dump Your Camera - whatever is on it RIGHT NOW, don't take any more pictures before uploading, that's cheating.

2. Email her your favorite picture from your upload (go to the page to get the address). It can be funny, completely random, silly, cute, etc. If you have a blog, you can post your favorite "dump" and refer to this contest.

3. Leave her a comment here to let her know that you're participating, so she can keep a look-out for your email.

4. Your deadline is 11:59pm FRIDAY, APRIL 11th.

6. She will pick out of her favorite 10 and post them to this blog.

7. YOU get to vote for your favorite. The winner will receive a mystery (yet to be determined) prize.

This is the one I sent in, from our walk to the park yesterday..
Super DJ

This came in a close second

And I just like the look on his face here
Just a swinging

If you decide to enter this one let me know. :)

Today when I got home there were two messages from schools outside of the county wanting to set up interviews. Then a third principal called later on wanting to set up an interview. So now I have an interview here in county tomorrow, two in the county north of us on Monday morning, and a call in to the principal in the county to the west of us (the county that said I couldn't be interviewed unless they had their own copies of my transcripts). I am hoping that I can set up that interview for Monday afternoon, so that I only have to turn down sub jobs for one day, and get all of these out of the way.

A friend of mine told me that I was "dating" all of these schools by interviewing, and that hopefully I will find the perfect marriage.

I just want a good job. LOL

Today I was back in a kinder class as a parapro. I am there tomorrow as well. It is so interesting being able to see how different schools are run, and how different teachers run their classrooms. When I subbed before in DoDDS all of the teachers and principals had been through the same exact training for the most part, so they all seemed to do it the "same". Admittedly there are only two elementary schools, one high school, one middle school and one intermediate school there, so it was different, but it still felt like for the most part everyone did everything pretty much the same way.

I have to say one thing for it all, I am definitely learning the do's and don'ts for my own classroom. ;)
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