Friday, April 25, 2008

What a long day


Today/Friday was a very L.O.N.G. day!

I was called by the sub system about 5 times to sub for one of the ISS teachers at Kelsey's High School. The 5th time I agreed to do it.

I asked Kelsey about it and she thought he was one of the health teachers, but wasn't sure.

So this morning Kelsey and I walked to school together.

I was dressed like I always to, dress pants, dress shirt, tennis shoes (because I learned my lesson on Tuesday about walking in my heels), and carrying a bag with my lunch and my dress shoes.

I get there and it turns out the ISS teacher, is also one of the PE coaches.

I spent the morning walking his PE classes from the main campus, across the soccer field, and the road to the 9th grade academy gym, watching them play for about 45 minutes then walking them back to the main campus; rinse repeat.

Then in the afternoon I took the health classes of the other ISS teacher, over at the 9th grade academy. Luckily before I was going to walk over there, Jerry and DJ pulled up in front of the school to get the ATM card. (He couldn't have timed that again if he tried). So he gave me a ride over to the 9th grade academy. I met Kelsey for lunch, then taught 2 more hours.

Kelsey and I walked home.

I took a quick shower, than I drove over to meet with the long term sub that has been with the class that I am taking over on Monday. She went over how the class runs, the routines, lesson plans, etc. The principal, and assistant principal sat in on the meeting. It was an interesting meeting.

When I left there I had to go into Lowes.

Things are really getting interesting around there.

The "new" manager has managed to run off at least 5 more people in the last 2 weeks. People are not happy with the way that she treats her employees.

I have discovered for myself that she talks to most of her CSA's as if we are lower than dirt, and then tonight when I was working at customer service I overheard the way that she talks to her managers. I don't know how the person that I could hear her speaking to kept their calm.

August, August, August....
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