Friday, April 18, 2008

Telling work about Jerry and why I wasn't there last week.

Was hard.

I went into work tonight at Lowes, knowing that I was going to have to "face the reaper", so to speak about calling in last Sunday.

Our store manager has a really hard time about cashiers calling in, at all, but especially on the weekends. So I figured I was in for it when I went in, especially since I didn't stop by at all this week.

I wasn't scheduled, and its out of the way to go over there, plus I really didn't even think about them, until today. I guess you could say I have had other things on my mind.

The hard part about telling them, was because its the first time I have really talked about what is/was going on, out loud to anyone other than my mom, or Jerry's mom, or of course Jerry.

Telling someone out loud, just made it all real again.

My first stop was the store managers office, and I happened to catch a moment when both the store manager and our operations manager were in the office. I said, oh good I caught you both together, so I only have to say this once.

Then I started with what happened when I got home from work Saturday night, up until what we know now (which still isn't a whole heck of a lot.)

I explained that the not knowing jack diddly squat, means that I can't promise that my mind will totally be on being at work, and it means that I can't promise that I wont have to call in again, or worse be called out of work.

They were both very understanding and said to just let them know if I needed anything.

My new department manager (who was a head cashier up until 2 weeks ago), was there as was the Admin manager, so I told both of them as well. K (department manager) gave me her cell phone number that way if something happens and I can't call the store I can call her and let her know what is happening. I know that won't count as calling in, but at least if she knows, she can let the MOD know for me.

I am just relived that they were understanding about everything, and I just hope that I don't need them to be understanding about this situation any time in the near future.

I have tomorrow off, to celebrate the girls birthdays. Of course I got home tonight and found out that Kelsey has a car wash, and a rehearsal for the play tomorrow. Grrrrrrrrrrr So I am not sure how we are going to handle that. I wanted to take the kids out to the Mossy Creek Barnyard Festival but I am not sure if we can work it out.

Oh and when I got home tonight I had a message from the principal out in the toolies.

From when she called on WEDNESDAY!!!


It is a saved message, which means one of us at least started to listen to it, but Wednesday was the day of Doctors appointments and Jerry trying to figure out the whole work thing, so who knows how it got overlooked for 2 days.

Sigh, I hope she understands when I talk to her, I sent her an email as soon as I heard the message, sort of explaining. But still....
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