Thursday, April 03, 2008

Jerry's NCO Academy Graduation

First watch this video.

The Airmen's Creed:
I am an American Airman.
I am a warrior.
I have answered my nation's call.

I am an American Airmen.
My mission is to fly, fight, and win.
I am faithful to a proud heritage,
A tradition of honor,
And a legacy of valor.

I am an American Airman,
Guardian of freedom and justice,
My Nation's sword and shield,
Its sentry and avenger.
I defend my country with my life.

I am an American Airman:
Wingman, Leader, Warrior.
I will never leave an Airman behind,
I will never falter
and I will not fail.

Tonight was Jerry's graduation from NCO Academy. It was a lovely evening set at the Robins Air Force Base Museum of Aviation. For me it was an emotional night, there has been a lot going on around here, and some of the events of the night touched my heart and soul. Including the video above. I have seen the commercials with the creed in it (which is what the video is), but have never paid close attention to what was being said, tonight I really watched the video, and listened to the words, both in the video and as I was surrounded by over 200 Airmen standing together reciting the creed. If I could have switched out lenses faster I would have taken a picture, it was an AMAZING site.

Ok here are a few pictures from tonight, and some of the meaning behind them. (all of the pictures are at the link pictures)

POW/MIA table, to start the night, they did something that I have never seen done in the 14 years that Jerry and I have been together. After the national anthem, and invocation they remembered the fallen Airmen, Sailors, Marines, Soldiers, and Coast Guard that are not able to be present with us, in order to thank them for their service. Then as we all turned to the POW/MIA table they dimmed the lights in the room, and played taps. This is also the first time that I have noticed the empty shot glass, lemon and salt in the middle of the table. At Jerry's ALS graduation they had the shot glass, and a dessert, but they didn't ask everyone for a moment of silence or any of that.
POW/MIA table

I like this shot of the POW/MIA table because behind it is the section of the museum that is dedicated to Jerry's new squadron.
POW/MIA table

Graduates medals, it says Enter to Learn, Depart to Lead:
Enter to learn, depart to lead

Walking under the sabers. I have never had a chance to do this before, so I made Jerry take me back out to do it (we got there before the kids were set up), and bummed my camera off on his troop to take the pictures. :)
saber entrance Those of you that know me, know that we had a simple military wedding, with the fanciest part of it being that Jerry and his groomsmen were in their blues, so a saber team we did not have. LOL (But check out my goodwill dress! I had to take it in a little bit, but not a bad find for $6.)

Jerry actually Graduating: Its a little out of focus, thats what I get for trying to take the picture with my telephoto lens that doesn't focus on its own.
Jerrys graduation 022

Last night one of Natalie's friends gave the kids two kittens. They are spoiled already, so far no problems between them and the dogs. Here is DJ with one of them
DJ and the kitten

On another note, there was an update to Nathan's blog when I got home:
Confessions Of A CF Husband: Awake and Aware

And from Nathan's dad Rick: A surreal day She was up and moving!
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