Friday, April 11, 2008

Biggest Loser-Blog Edition, exercise and interview up dates

Ok first things first...

Biggest Loser-Blog Edition update... I don't know if I have lost anything, because well like I told Christie, I don't own a scale. I know about what I weigh because I did weigh myself at the school I subbed at this week, but I have no idea how accurate it is. ;)

But here is my exercise breakdown since I started on Wednesday.

60 minute walk/play in the park with DJ, on Wednesday (he was on his tractor on the walk trust me it was a fast pace.)

On my feet all day teaching kindergarten, hey that should count for something! ;) No really I did all sorts of stretches and yogaish moves for about 20 minutes (the xtraining recommendation on yesterday.

Today, I did PE with my Kindergarten's, really I did. The parapros at the school I have been at these two days do the activities with the kids, so I stretched with them (did not do the push ups, but I would have looked silly in my dress clothes) then when they did their physical fitness stations I helped with the pull up station (you try helping 40 5-7 yo's jump to the bar, and then pull up), then we went out and walked the "track" for 20 minutes, in the 84 degree weather. :)

Then of course tonight, I was at Lowes. I didn't walk a whole ton, but I did do some rounds around the building.

Now onto my interview.

I asked Mrs D how long it would take me to get from the elementary school that I was at to the middle school that my interview was at. She told me probably 20-25 minutes (which thank goodness it didn't take that long, but more on that in a sec.) Then Mrs. D told me that when we got back from PE, at 315 to go ahead and leave so that I wouldn't be late (another teacher that thinks that the district would be silly to let me "slip by" (her words).

So I went ahead and walked out to leave at 315, explained in the office why I was leaving a few minutes early. Only to walk out to my car and find a parent had parked their truck in the driving lane right behind my car!!! I ended up sitting in the parking lot of the elementary school for 20 minutes before they came out from picking up their child. I was sooo stressed by this point.

I drove rather fast down the road (oops) and made it only a couple of minutes late, but it was ok, the principal was running late as well. Plus on my side, I had told them when we set up the interview that I was subbing today.

The principal was very laid back, in his approach with the interview. He told me that he just wanted me to explain my background, teaching experience, etc however I wanted to, and if I didn't cover something by the time I had run out of steam he would ask. He had one of the team level teachers in on the interview, and they only asked 2 things that I didn't just cover from the beginning.

One was how did I adjust to teaching 6th grade after teaching high school for so long.

The other was about the kids (my kids) adjustment to Georgia, and how using those experiences would I relate to incoming and outgoing students.

I was actually quite honest with them in my personal biography that I did.

I explained that when we first moved to Florida that I had been told I would be teaching 8th grade science and then right before we actually moved it was changed, and how hard that was on me, mindset wise. Plus you add in the hour drive one way, and getting home at night and still having to grade papers, call parents, email parents, lesson plans etc.

I explained about the collaboration that I have done, and expanded more when they wanted more details.

The principal did explain that nothing is "official" as far as the position that he is interviewing for. Its 99% there, but not all the way. But he wants to have the interview process done and out of the way, when it does.

So we will see what happens.

I got home and had two messages from the school that I am supposed to go in and do the long term at. I was going to call home and check in before starting work tonight, but I was asked to clock in as soon as I got there, so I didn't get a chance. So calling them back will have to wait till Monday.
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