Monday, April 14, 2008

Jerry update IV and a DJ story

Jerry is still in the ICU. He has had a CAT scan, and ultrasound today already.

Unfortunately he has not talked to the doctor, and the nurse really doesn't know, or can't tell us anything, so I feel like we are in a limbo. Every time the doctor has been around I guess is when they have had him sedated to do one of the tests.

I had 2 interviews this morning and then went up to see him. I was hoping to be there when his doctor did rounds at lunch time, but no such luck.

Hopefully Jerry will remember everything that the doctor tells him when he does come by.

He is feeling better, but still like crap, to quote him. Which I think just goes to show how bad he really was the other night.

He has a male nurse today, who told him that he must have had someone really worried over the weekend, because he actually has 3 IV lines in him right now, with only 2 in use when I was up there.

I was hungry so I came home to eat, and will go back up there in a bit to see him. There isn't any chairs in his room other than the stool the nurses use, which is very uncomfortable. There had been two chairs in there yesterday morning, then they moved them out to do the endoscopy and then when I went back yesterday they were completely gone from the hallway too.

I know I can ask the nurse for a chair, but they are always so busy, I feel bad asking them for anything. The nurses today weren't as social as the ones over the weekend, who made me feel comfortable asking questions. The ones today almost made me feel guilty for asking questions.

Ok on to my DJ story.

Last night as we were getting ready for bed, DJ and I were in my bed reading a book.

When we were done with his book he climbed out of bed and said, I am going to hide.

I didn't think anything of it, the TV in the living room was still on so I thought he was just coming in to watch tv.

About 5 minutes later I came out to the living room to get him so we could go to bed, and he was not in the living room.

I went to check his room, not in there.

I opened the door to Kelsey's room and asked the girls if he was in there. Nope not there.

I checked in Natalie's room, nope.

Now I was starting to get worried, because I was saying his name, and he was not answering.

The girls got up to help me look.

At this point I was worried that he had gotten out the back door, and was "hiding" outside.

I was ready to call 911.

I had visions of having to tell Jerry that DJ was kidnapped or lost.

Kelsey and Natalie were looking in the house, I went out back and walked around the house looking.

I came back in and checked under my bed (the only one he could hid under.)

Kelsey all of the sudden checked behind the couch that is under the living room window. The LAST PLACE I would have thought to look. Sure enough there is was.

When he was laying there perfectly still and quiet she thought he was asleep, so she reached to pull him out.

He popped his head up, and said: "Surprise! I hiding! I played hide and seek! I won I won! You couldn't find me!"

We had a long talk about how when he heard us calling for him like that he needed to come out of hiding, because he scared me.

But he was so proud of himself for hiding!

Almost gave me a heart attack. But he was happy.

I told Jerry today that it reminded me of the email that I saw a while ago, about the boss who calls the dad, only to get the child on the phone, who says that her parents can not come to the phone, because they are talking to the firemen and police.
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