Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Jerry is Home

Just a quick update, Jerry is home.

DJ and I ran out to Michael's, Petsmart, and to get some lunch, and when we got home Jerry had left a message.

By the time I called him back he had called the shop and one of them were driving up to "spring" him, so I ran up and picked him up.

We actually missed each other in the halls. As I went up one elevator they were on their way down, so I went back down and found him waiting by the car (that I had left with the valet.)

The doctors still do not know what is wrong, so he has doctors appointments out the wazoo, and we have a list a mile long for things that if it happens to take him back for.

He said as we were coming home that he is still worn out, and still doesn't feel good, so hopefully he will take it easy the next couple of days.

But I wanted to say thank you for the thoughts and prayers, and keep them coming so they can figure out what is wrong.
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