Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Any one want to fill out a job application for me?

I fill like all I have done lately is fill out job applications and turn them in. Maybe thats because thats all I have been doing, and it is getting old and frustrating. I know that I have to stay positive and keep the course, but not hearing anything from most of the jobs that I have applied for is stressful. I know I have my job at Lowes to fall back on, but since that is not my dream, it makes it hard to be excited about that one.
Today I went to the orientation for substitute teaching here, and got yet another application to fill out. At least with this one, I will know something in about 2 weeks (thats how long it takes the background check).
The bonus is that since I have already filled out an application to teach for the county I only have to fill out about half of the packet. So I should have it all filled out by tomorrow morning (really I should already have it done, but I have a headache again).
The bad part is that I had to have my fingerprints done, again, for the 4th time in 3 years. Why, you ask? Well it is simple, I started off teaching in one county in Florida, then after that year moved to the alternative school and had to get my fingerprints done for the county that we lived in, then this fall because I was transitioning from teaching to subbing, and since I was not "on" the county's payroll at the alternative school I had to have them done again. Now with the move to Georgia I had to have them taken once again. Let's do the math $65x3 in Florida, plus another $40 here in Georgia, is $235. Ouch.
I really wish someone would come up with a Nation wide standard, or database that all teachers were kept in. I guess they would still have to check to make sure that we are who we say we are. Darn...
But I bet that who ever sits and watches the data popping out of the fingerprint system is wondering what the heck is up with me getting my fingerprints done so often. I wonder if that flags against me?
DJ had a good couple of hours at the CDC today. He was "resting" when I went in to pick him up, and said that he had a good time. He was a little sad when I left him, but he got over it before I even got out to the lobby of the CDC where the video monitors are. Right now he is a little sad, because after we left the CDC we went to the commissary and got groceries. He got Popsicles, and has been eating them almost non-stop since we got home, and Jerry just told him no more until after dinner.
Kelsey tried out for a part in the school play today after school. She said that she tried out for part of the ensemble, and if she gets that she will have a 7th period class for rehearsals. She said that on the tryout forms she put that she would be interested in doing crew if she did not get a part in the play. The school here seems to have a big theater department, since they just performed Sussecial last weekend and are already doing tryouts for a new play this week, which to me seems to mean that even if she doesn't get a part in this play there will be plenty of opportunities before she graduates, as long as she doesn't give up.
Over on Confessions of a CF Husband Nathan has posted a few videos of his and Trisha's life together up to this point. It is a pretty neat way to get to know these people that I have been thinking of a lot lately, that I don't even know in person. He also did one post titled Like a Virus that he has asked that everyone posts a comment with their blog addresses if they have posted for prayers for the family, so that when Trisha is able she can go easily and read them all. The last time I looked there were 155 comments on there. It is amazing to me the people that they have touched with their story. Gwyneth is being put on a CPAP machine today, which is GREAT NEWS! Lots of prayers that she will "remember to breath" so they do not have to intubate her again. Trisha seems to be as well as can be expected at this point, and does better when Nathan is with her, as I can imagine, he is her rock, and her link to the world of Gwyneth, major prayers that she continues to stay strong.
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