Sunday, January 20, 2008

Sunday again

I can safely say I think that this move has been a success. The girls are adjusting nicely, and have a friend from the neighborhood staying the night tonight. The only strange thing is that the girl's parents didn't call, or come by. I hope they really know where she is. The girls went with her to get her stuff, and Natalie walked back down to her house a bit ago, because they had forgotten something. But I still find it a little odd. Jerry offered to call or go to their house and was told it was ok.

DJ doesn't quite know how to act, because they are not paying attention to him, but he will survive.

I start work tomorrow, and DJ starts school (I think, there is no sign saying they will be closed for the holiday, so we will go in the morning and see.)

If you are following the story of Tricia, Nathan and Baby Gwyneth Nathan explains in today's posts how they learned of Tricia's pregnancy, and their choices that they made in the last 25 weeks. There have been no health updates this weekend so I am praying that this is good.

So with that I am getting off of here for the night.
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