Thursday, January 24, 2008

Lots of link love...

Ok I know most people do link love on Fridays but hey since when do I follow the rules?

First off, you know those reusable grocery bags that you can buy for $5-10 depending on where you live? Yeah, those. Over on Domestic Chicky's blog, she directed us over to Wisdom of the Moon. Who has a very easy pattern to MAKE YOUR OWN reusable grocery bag! I am totally stoked, and as soon as I can find the time, I know what I am going to be making, because we have some old sheets that are just begging to be used for something good.

Another cute craft that I want to make soon is over at Island Mama's blog She put up a kid's fat quarter tote bag with instructions. I am thinking that I can use mommy appropriate fabric and make me a cute bag. ;)

Over on This wasn't in the plan A shares some cute cheap artwork that she and her little man created for their craft room walls.

One blog that I found this week that I think is just too cute is Modish: the blog style for the handmade life. Just some really cute ideas.

Please remember to pray for King JuJu's family as they are dealing with all of the emotions of loosing him to his fight with cancer. Michelle has a beautiful post on her blog today, as does Renee, on Life with My Special K's, she and the kids released yellow balloons for Julian, Lisa on Final Score: Boys 3 and girls 2 also has a post dedicated to him. I wish there was more I could say about how much his story has touched my heart.

Edited to add: I just found this post over on Rice-a-roni-ville it is a precious pendant that she made to send to Mimi oh but to have 1/1000th of the talent of some of these women.

Baby Gwyneth needs extra prayers and positive thoughts right now. From Nathan's blog
Please, continue to pray for Gwyneth. The x-ray at noon showed there is still inflammation in her bowels. They're watching conservatively right now, but it is serious if it doesn't work itself out soon. The next xray will be at 8pm tonight.

I spoke with the doctor and nurses, and they're told me that she has Distention and could possibly have NEC (Necrotizing Enterocolitic) (although, which is common among preemies/babies, but can be very harmful and even deadly. It could be caused by an infection, by normal bacteria or by a plug somewhere.

They've got her on several antibiotics as precautions. It could work itself out withint the next 24/48 hours, or it could lead to so much pressure that it could cause a leak in her intestines which will cause some serious issues.

This is the first major issue, so of course, we're very concerned. But, this another opportunity for God to show Himself.

Tricia has had another good but tiring day. Two sessions of PT, and now she's off the vent and breathing on her own with some extra O2 for a few hours of trial without the vent!

Which means they should be doing her next set of xrays right about now. Please please pray that she will have success fighting what ever this is.

Life here today, was typical life here. Well except that I got to play HR because the real HR had life interrupt, which well happens. If you can spare a couple of prayers for D's cousin who had an brain bleed last night and was still in a coma when I talked to her this afternoon, I am sure they would appreciate it.

DJ had a pretty good day at the CDC from the sounds of it. Jerry does want to know why he has to wash his hands before he signs him in and out though. I figure it has to do with the different viruses that float around, and they are trying to avoid them spreading more. Anyone know for sure?

Natalie is coming along very nicely with her saxophone lately. :-) Even Jerry noticed, which is saying something.
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