Monday, January 14, 2008


I am not sure if it is the fact that it is winter, and every where we go has their heaters turned on, or the change in climate, or what the deal is, but I can not seem to stay hydrated since we have moved to Georgia. What is worse is that it is not until I get a headache from it, that I realize what is going on and remember that I need to drink some water or gatorade and get back to an even keel. The last time I remember being this bad about drinking enough water was 12 years ago when I was pregnant with Natalie.
Today DJ and I went to the CDC on base and got the paperwork for him to start preschool there next week. He was very excited and asked about going to meet his new friends. The woman behind the desk was very impressed with his manners, he asked if he could play with the puzzles that were in the lobby, when she said sure go ahead, DJ replied Thanks! in his cutest little voice. I also inquired about an hourly care for him to go to tomorrow while I attend a substitute orientation in Perry for the school district. At first she told me that the other CDC did hourly care, and I would have to either go across the parking lot and inquire to if they had room for him. Then she dialed the phone for me to save us the walk. The phone was busy, so I said we would just run over there. Well she got an idea that maybe DJ could go to his new classroom on an hourly care basis tomorrow at that center. :) So she asked the director if that would be ok, and he said yes. So tomorrow morning about 9 I will take DJ to his new classroom for a couple of hours of fun. He is very excited about the whole idea.
You will be happy to hear that Jerry and I replaced the phone that I fried yesterday, today at lunch. So we have a working house phone again. We only missed one or two calls, and neither was super important.
Natalie came home today and said that she had seen an old friend from Lakenheath today at school. She was very upset that I did not remember this friend at first, but they were closest when I was pregnant with DJ, and there were a lot of big things going on at our house, and in our lives at the time. Once she reminded me of a few details, I knew who she was talking about. Hopefully Natalie and Kelly will get a chance to exchange phone numbers later this week and spend some time together soon.

On a note about Trisha and Gwyneth from Confessions of A CF Husband Nathan has uploaded some adorable pictures of Gwyneth tonight. She is so precious, and such a fighter. He said in an earlier post today that
Her PDA closed sometime in the night (just after I asked for your prayers), which is a great thing. This also means they'll be able to take her off a few drugs.
They are hoping that she will have a bowel movement soon so that they can start her on a feeding tube which will help her gain more strength and weight. The transplant team was to visit with Trisha today, but Nathan had not updated about that yet. I am hoping that this means that they have positive news and he is waiting to get confirmation on this, and not bad news. If you can not tell I have become obsessed with this family's journey, something about them has touched my heart, and I check the blog a couple of times a day for updates. I am not sure why, but I know I am not the only stranger that is checking on them and praying for them.
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