Friday, January 25, 2008

excited, and yet disappointed

Today started out as most mornings do...

Alarm goes off

Hit Snooze

Alarm goes off

Hit Snooze

Alarm goes off

Drag hinney out of bed, jump in shower, wake up DJ.

Who proceeds to cry: "My eyes, My eyes, I can't see!!!"

"Oh DJ you just need to wake up, your eyes will be fine."

He then proceeds to follow me into the bathroom, crying.

"I can't breathe! I can't breathe!" And then proceeds to dry heave and dry heave, and dry heave.


Jerry had appointments all day, so he couldn't call in to work. I call D let her know whats going on, she says no problem, we will see you Monday.

Proceed to lay back down with DJ and watch PBS kids.

Then the phone rings.

It was a secretary from one of the schools that I dropped off my resume at on Wednesday. She needed a sub. At this point DJ has not actually thrown up, so I am thinking that maybe, just maybe if I call the district office and my paperwork is back I can do it.

Not 5 minutes later DJ threw up.

Sigh.... I didn't even have a chance to look up the phone number for the district.

6 more times before noon my phone rang with secretary's or teachers looking for a sub for the day.

Which makes me excited.

The disappointment was in the fact that I couldn't do any of them since DJ was sick, and I still don't know if my paperwork make it back.

I think that there is only one decent place to eat in this town (I know that isn't true, but it sure felt like it tonight). We went to use a gift card that we got for Christmas tonight for dinner, and its the second time this week that we have tried to use this card. BOTH TIMES we have walked into a packed place! Tonight though we put our name on the wait list, and after about 5 minutes Jerry decided to have me see if we could get the curbside to go service even though we were in the place already. So thats what we ended up doing. Placed a to go order at a sit down place. It worked though and we were out of there in about 25 minutes total from when we pulled in the parking lot.

Please keep Tricia, Nathan, and Gwyneth in your thoughts and prayers tonight. Baby Gwyneth was still struggling with her tummy troubles this morning when Nathan posted. However, the good news is that Tricia has spent more and more time off the vent, which is excellent!
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