Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Check marks on the to do list

Today I was able to get a couple of things marked off of the "Patty's to do list".
Turn in DJ's CDC paperwork---------------- Check
Turn in substitute paperwork--------------check
Make substitute business cards-------------check
Rewrite resume-----------------------------check
Set up interview for kindergarten position-----check

Ok so that last one wasn't on my, to do list last night, when I was going through what had to be done today. This morning about 830 I got a phone call from one of the local schools wanting to know if I wanted to interview tomorrow for a Kindergarten position that has just opened up. So I said yes, and then got on with my day. Now I am sufficiently scared to death nervous. I have looked at the schools website, and I have pulled up the state standards for Kindergarten, so I think I have done everything almost everything that I can do. There is a link on the school's website that I am not sure what it means, and I have a note to myself to remember to ask about it. It is called Georgia's 21st Century Learning Environment, which I have never heard of, and can't quite figure out the ins and outs of the website.

If you can spare a couple of positive thoughts tomorrow at 1 eastern time, and then off and on until they make a decision I would appreciate it. I have been turned down so many times this school year already it is hard to stay positive with it all.

DJ and I got a late start to go to his registration meeting at the CDC. I guess it was not a big deal, since I was the only one there, and it was just with the secretary of the CDC. We finished filling out all of his paperwork, and then went on the "official" tour of his classroom. He wanted me to hold him, and not to leave him today, which was good, since he wasn't staying. Hopefully on Monday we will have an easy drop off.

After we left the CDC we went and had lunch at BK, and then drove over to Jerry's work and got the paperwork I needed for my substitute package out of the truck plus went in and talked to Jerry.

We took the scenic route (all back roads) down to Perry to the district office and dropped off my substitute package. I didn't do the reference forms since they said yesterday that if we had done an application on line we didn't need to. The secretary that took my package looked and I have 6 out of 6 reference forms returned. I hope that is a good thing!

I am frustrated with Lowes up here, that's for sure. I have played phone tag with the HR since applying for my transfer back in October, and we have only talked twice on the phone. Since getting here on the 3rd I have not managed to catch her yet! I went in one day last week and she was out of town, so I left a message. Then she called back on Monday, but I missed the call on the house phone due to the fried phone fiasco, and she called my cell phone it was in the car and I was taking groceries in the house. When I called her back, she had left for the day. Then yesterday and today both I have called and she was in meetings, but she didn't call back either day. DJ and I stopped by the store on the way home from Perry, and asked about her, and was told that she was still in a meeting, I swear she is in more meetings than the President of the United States! I am tempted to throw in the towel with it all, and just put in to work all hours at Sylvan that don't interfere with subbing (or teaching if there is a miracle and I get offered the kinder job). But with all that Ty did for me to get me this transfer I really don't want to do that.

Kelsey got called back for the play that she tried out for yesterday, they are doing the casting call for it tomorrow. Which means, we are now entering the world of High School Drama. I mean that literally, as in theater department drama, not just the typical high school drama that goes on in high school. Kelsey also switched classes today, she switched out of chorus and into a computer class. The chorus class wanted $100 for a uniform, and then another $600 for their field trip to Washington DC, and both from the sounds of it were mandatory. So last night she asked me if it was ok with me if she switched out and maybe took it next year. I figured on the counselor calling me or Kelsey telling me that I needed to go in and sign something, but that wasn't the case, she just came home and said that the switch had happened.

On the news of Trisha, Gwyneth, and Nathan over at Confessions of a CF Husband, Trisha and Gwyneth both had rough days yesterday, and Nathan stayed at the hospital to be with them last night. His last update was at 1 today, and they were weaning Trisha off the rest of the sedatives, so I am praying that she did well with that. There are no other updates on any of the blogs, so pray that this is a good thing!

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