Tuesday, January 29, 2008

I am a mean mom this evening too!

I am a mean mom tonight too!

We have a walk through tomorrow with the rental company, to note all of the little things that are wrong that you don't notice until you have lived in a house for a few weeks. So we made the girls clean, clean, clean. Of course Jerry and I cleaned too, but with the complaining that was going on you would have thought we were asking them to clean all of the moon dust off of the moon! ;)

But hey the house is clean! It is cluttered still because like I have said I need either shelves or another curio cabinet, but hopefully they wont care about that. (they shouldn't but you never know what some people's level of clean is.)

On other news:

Alice from Living Life Breathlessly
, Alice will hopefully be moved to a general ward tomorrow! Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers for an increased improvement.

On Confessions of a CF Husband, this is what I saw when I got up this morning!

Gwyneth Rose's distention is all but gone! The barium enema they gave her did the trick (meaning it helped her make a few very large poops)! I went down to visit with her around 2:30am this morning, knowing that they had taken another x-ray at midnight and hoping for a good report. The nurse practitioner showed me the x-ray they had taken at 4pm yesterday compared to the one they had taken at midnight tonight, and the difference was incredible.
Please keep little Gwyneth in your thoughts and prayers that she continues to improve. :)

And then tonight Rick from Catchin' some waves posted for Nathan this:
Tricia's sister Megan has been with her all day and reports that Tricia has had a wonderful day! In fact, she's asked Megan to paint her toenails and they're playing a game of scrabble. Sister stuff along with prayers has made a big difference.
Please keep Tricia in your thoughts and prayer for more improvement and for her to be released out of the ICU soon.
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