Saturday, January 19, 2008

Our Washing Machine Eats Socks

We have a Maytag front load washer and since the move the thing has been leaking.
We thought at first it was the hoses going into the washer, thinking that they were loose. Nope not that.
Then I noticed that the drain hose was creeping out of the drain, and thought it was that. Nope not that.
Today Jerry pulled the front panel off and cleaned out the drain filter, thinking that it was that. Nope not that.
Then Jerry noticed that it was spinning funny, or something. So he messed around with the seal, around the tub, and pulled out two socks.
Its not leaking any more... (insert rolling eyes here)

This morning was spent cleaning the house and working at getting it more organized. Jerry and I now have 3 of the 4 antique dressers in our room for our clothes. I still have to send the pictures of my cedar chest to my brother to see what he can come up to fix the leg that the movers broke. Slowly but surely we are getting the house put together. I need more shelves for the different things that we have collected through the years, and a place to store Tupperware. This house does not have enough kitchen cabinet space. But it all has to wait until I have a full time teaching job (still praying and crossing fingers and toes for the job that I interviewed for on Thursday).

The kids and I went up to Macon and rented Natalie's Saxophone this afternoon. The store reminds me of the bookstore from Neverending story, old and dusty, but in a homey come in and relax sort of way. DJ was disappointed that they did not have a piano that he could play, and even asked the guy where his pianos were. I had to explain to the nice man that the music store in Florida where we rented from had all sorts of pianos out, including a player piano that DJ would listen to and sit at one of the other pianos and play along with.

On the way home we stopped at Hobby Lobby and picked up some pastels for Kelsey and a new sketch pad. I drooled over several things in there, that would fix the shelving situation, but controlled myself. LOL

No new updates on Tricia and baby Gwyneth on Nathan's blog, which is a good thing, since they have major amounts of family visiting them at Duke this weekend, and Nathan's last bump said that unless there was something major to report he would not post anything until late tonight. Gwyneth's grandpa did post a couple of pictures from today when he visited with her, and then some pictures from last night when Tricia and Nathan watched the video he had shot last week. Tricia looks amazing for all that she has/is going through. Please pray that both Tricia and Gwyneth continue to do well, and continue to improve day by day. If you have not heard their story follow one of the links to Nathan's blog it is a story that will touch your heart, and it is a story that has brought back my faith

We however did lose a brave fighter today. Since December or so I have been following Julian's story. Mostly through Dawn's blog and Michelle's blog. But recently have subscribed to his care pages. Today Julian lost his battle with Medulloblastoma. I am crying for this sweet boy and his family.
Please hug your little ones a little bit tighter tonight for Mimi and her family, and send up a prayer for Julian.
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