Friday, January 18, 2008

Good day

Today was a pretty good day, all around.

DJ and I slept in. He played with his guitar today, a lot. I wish I would have had my phone out and ready a couple of times. My favorite moment today was when he was sitting on the living room floor singing/jamming Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, and when I say jamming I mean jamming. When he was done with his performance, he jumped up and took a bow, yelling "Thank you, Thank you very much!" Little ham.

I finally set up a plan with the HR at the Lowes here, and actually got to meet with her for a couple of minutes. I go in on Monday and start working with her in her office for a week or two, then we will figure out my schedule of availability from there.

I dropped off my thank you note to the school where I did my interview at yesterday. I am hoping and praying for a positive outcome from the interview, but know that I have a very slim chance, if any. If you have a couple of spare positive thoughts for me, I would appreciate it.

We went out to lunch with Jerry. It was pretty good, the only bad part was when we went to move the table closer to DJ and I, Jerry's drink split all in his hat and on his jacket. Oops

Kelsey got signed up for 7th period, so she can be part of the crew for the play. I am not sure what happened to her being part of the ensemble, but what ever. Plus she and her friends have signed up to be part of the talent show that the school is having in March.

Natalie came home from school all excited about a "Rock All Night" fund raiser that her band will be doing in March. Look for announcements coming to an email near you. ;)

The girls seem to be adjusting to this move a lot better than they did when we moved from England to Florida. The weeks leading up to the move were more traumatic this time, but the end result has been easier, so I will take it.

Tricia and Gwyneth
both seem to be doing well. There is a possibility of lung infections that they are running tests on, please pray that they come back clean. Tricia can not meet Gwyneth with out the all clear on these tests. Nathan has posted pictures of Tricia on his blog, there are also some new pictures of Gwyneth.

The only negatives that came out of today were:

Roo got out, when DJ got over excited about leaving the house to go to Lowes and opened the door. She was a stinker and did not want to come back to the house.

I cut the bottom of my foot open. AND IT HURTS!! I know poor is me... ;)
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