Thursday, January 31, 2008

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things Patty is thinking about

1.Finding a teaching job for the fall.

2. Scared to death that I won't find a job.

3. Hoping that DJ doesn't catch the pink eye that was discovered in his preschool class today.

4. How much I miss my grandma.

5. That I wish we lived closer to my parents, brother and SIL.

6. Wondering why it is taking so long for my fingerprints to sub to come back.

7. Worrying about paying the bills that keep piling up because I am not teaching, and not subbing.

8. Worried about spending so much time working at Lowes and tutoring online at night/on weekends that I don't get to see the kids.

9. How nice it is to live here in Georgia.

10. Worried about our house in Florida, the whole renting it out, is the rent going to be to us in time to pay the bills we need to pay, how long until we can sell it and not loose our shirts, etc.

11. Praying for Tricia, Gwyneth, and Nathan, that Tricia and Gwyneth have continued improvement, and that they all get the rest they need.

12. Who would I vote for, for President, if the election was tomorrow. I think I "know" who I would vote for in the primaries, if I wasn't a registered independent, but then between the two, beats me.

13. How glad I am, that I am feeling better today, yesterday, I joined Wordless Wednesday, mostly because I was SICK!! And did not feel like typing! ;)

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