Monday, January 07, 2008

Monday afternoon/evening eastern time zone

Well if you noticed that there was not a new blog this weekend, it is because it was a bad internet weekend around these parts. The internet is back up, but the house phone is jacked up (but my cell phone number works). It has been a weekend for all things computer wise to go crazy, we didn't have internet Saturday and most of Sunday, and then Sunday the phone decided to go out, and of course it is all connected. Now the internet works, but not the phone, they are supposed to come out tomorrow to fix it all. I am ok with not having a house phone that works, we did without one for almost 2 years, but not having internet just about killed me. I know I should not be so dependent on the silly thing, but I am.

I tried to enroll the girls in school today, succeeded with Natalie (except I have to do a trip to the Social Security office to get a new card for her), and have to go back to the high school tomorrow for Kelsey to do it all. You know the whole shot records on the correct states form. (insert rolling eyes here)

This whole eastern time zone thing is throwing me off, and I finally figured out why. Other than the week we spent in Baltimore, and the couple of weeks when I was at Penn State for training (neither of which I watched any tv during) I have never been on an eastern time zone schedule for anything. So the news not coming on until 7 and 11, and all of the shows not being on until 8 is just crazy to me. I have a feeling that I will be trading in our cable box for one with a DVR here soon, because staying up that late is nuts.

I have pictures and stories from this weekend to blog about, as soon as I pull the pictures off the camera. We had a good time on Saturday, and yesterday was just spent lazing around the house.
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