Wednesday, January 09, 2008

two in school, one to go

The fiasco that was Kelsey's credit drama is resolved. The school in Florida gave her the credits. If she would have had poor grades, or a lot of absences they would not have done it. I had to call the school in Florida this morning and make sure that they got the fax and Mrs. A called back and said it was sorted. So we went out to lunch with Jerry and the gal from his work, then went into the school and got her all signed up. They do not offer art courses, so she is a little disappointed in that, but she will still have chorus. She starts tomorrow morning bright and early. Of course we were warned 3 or 4 times that if the paperwork doesn't get to them soon she wont get credit. I guess I am going to have to be super mom/annoying mom and be on the phone checking to see if they get it or not.
Now I just have to see about finding DJ a preschool here in town. I have emailed two preschools today to see if they have room in their 3 yo classes, and I plan on going by both of them tomorrow.
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