Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Eventful day

Last week when I was at the substitute orientation for the county the two gals running the orientation recommended that if we wanted to start subbing as soon as our clearances had gone through, and if we were interested in subbing a lot, to print out business cards with our contact information, and resumes. Then take them around to all of the schools that we were interested in subbing at.

Since I have not heard anything about the position I interviewed for last week, and I had the day off at Lowes, today, I did just that.

I printed off a bunch of copies of my resume, and printed more business cards, then took DJ to school and ran over to Jerry's shop to borrow a stapler (I couldn't find ours, who knows where it is with the move.)

Then I programed the first of the schools on one end of town into my navigator on my phone and I was off. I did it in a big circle, because I figured that I would need to come by the house at some point for something (and I was right I ran out of business cards).

I hit up every school in town, explaining at each one that I was new in the area and that when I did the substitute orientation last week they recommended that we go around, yadda yadda.

I talked to several of the principals, including the principal that I interviewed with in September. Nothing to formal, or longer than a couple of seconds, more its great to meet you, hope to see you subbing a lot.

I had 5 or 6 of the schools where they reminded me about the job fair in a couple of weeks. I have already requested the morning off at Lowes. Smart cookie, I am. ;)

I had a couple of schools very excited to have someone new to call.

I had a couple of very strange looks, like "sure, ok, unhuh they recommended that you bring this by."

And I had one school (the last one I stopped at), where as I was getting in my car the gal I gave the information too came running out to my car. She asked me if I would be interested in doing a long term sub for a 5th grade class. So I went back in and talked with her for a while, then talked to the principal for a while (who gave me some tips for getting hired in the district, and said that he wants me to make sure that I find him at the job fair.) Then the gal from the front desk (the one that chased me down) showed me around the school. She was trying to find the teacher, but the teachers must have left for the day as soon as school was out. So crossfingers unless something goes funky I have a long term sub position starting in February.

Overall, I think it was a pretty successful day, I now know where all of the local schools are located, or at least a general idea. Plus I have for the most part met the person who sits at the front desk of the school.

I did decide not to drive to the outlying schools. I am hoping that I will get enough days locally that I wont have to drive to those schools. If I do, I do and that is great too, but there are a lot of schools within a 25 mile radius of the house that I think I will be ok, and there is nothing saying that the next time I have a day off I can't run out there.

Hopefully I will start getting calls to substitute as soon as my paperwork goes into the system. I need to rework my resume, with the tips the Mr. L (the principal) gave me, before the job fair, and I want to do it tonight while they are fresh in my mind.

DJ had a rough day. He did not want to go to school this morning. There were tears before we even left the house, and more tears when we got to school. Ms. D said that he didn't want to take a nap at rest time and there were tears then too, so she ended up sitting with him for a while. However if he napped it means we will have a late night again.

Natalie was sent home from school early with a headache. Jerry went and picked her up. He said she was flushed and miserable when he picked her up. When I came by the house she was sound asleep. She said she feels better now, but plans on taking some allergy medicine and going to bed early (mom told her she is).

Kelsey came home today and said that the talent show that she is performing in with her friend from school is March 1st.

Today over on Confessions of A CF Husband, Nathan posted a questions and answers segment, where he attempts to answer a lot of questions that they have gotten lately. I hope that if you take a few minutes to stop by and check on Tricia and Gwyneth's progress (Gwyneth is 2 weeks old today, with no major complications!!! Nathan posted pictures to celebrate) that if you have any questions you first go "back in time" and read past posts, because many of the questions that I have thought of, he has already addressed. Or else you can check Tricia's website and read things from her point of view.

Most of all I hope that you keep this amazing family in your thoughts and prayers. They continue to amaze me every day, as they not only are concerned for themselves (and they have the right at this point IMO to be totally selfish and only think of themselves) but they ask for prayers for other premature babies (and their families), other CF patients, and other people that have touched their lives.

This is a video that Julian's family made to share with the world who he was. I was seriously bawling by the end. Please keep the Avery family in your thoughts and prayers tonight for the viewing, and tomorrow for the service.
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