Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Home schooling?

I never in a million years would have ever thought that I would ever consider homeschooling the kids. However, this is where I am at, and with Kelsey of all of the kids :insertshockedfacehere:
I am so frustrated and here is why.
I took Kelsey up to register her for the high school yesterday and was handed a huge packet of stuff that I needed before we could register her. So we came home, got Jerry and the other kids and ran out to go do everything that needed to be done on base. Got back in time to enroll Natalie at the middle school, but not to get back to the high school for Kelsey.
So this morning Kelsey and I drive back over to the high school (its close enough to walk to, but my hip is playing up still.) We sit down, fill out all of the forms and then are informed by the guidance secretary that Kelsey will not get credit for the work that she did first semester in Florida, because the semester there had not ended yet.
I stood there dumb founded, because I asked at the school that she left about the credit situation and how the semester here ended already, and was told that it wasn't a problem. So she called the school in Florida and was told that she was correct and they didn't know what I was talking about.
The secretary here suggested that we send her back down to Florida for a couple of weeks so that she can finish the semester there, which would mean imposing on one of her friends families for a few weeks, or else the couple that is renting our house. Not a good suggestion when you are talking about a 14 year old girl. I trust Kelsey, and I trust the couple that I would send her to stay with if that is what it takes, but she is not "theirs" so I don't see them caring as much about her studying for said finals, or her caring about listening to them. Plus what a strain that would be on the friendships that would be involved in such a situation.
The other suggestion was for her to just repeat the first semester of her freshman year, which of course made her bawl, because she had such good grades first semester.

I don't know what to do at this point.

I have a message for the counselor in Florida to see what they suggest we do, as well as sending off an email to them. I also have emailed one of the big online homeschool high schools to see if we went that route would she loose the credits anyway. I guess if we went that route the whole feeling of my blog would change huh?

I am so upset I could cry.
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